One of the most remarkable things about our College is the extraordinary community spirit it fosters among those who pass through its gates. After more than 120 years of continuous operation, BBC has developed a sterling tradition of educating Gentlemen of Honour who have gone on to lead rich and full lives, remaining deeply connected to the bonds they formed and the friendships they made during their time on campus. We’re not just a school; we’re a community and a family.

Our extensive and committed brotherhood of Old Collegians is one of the most profound examples of this. Decades after your time here as students ended, you remain involved with our community and our traditions.

Many of our Old Boys like to celebrate their time here by paying it forward for future generations of BBC students. Old Collegians have the option to leave donations to BBC in their will, be it money, items or property. These bequests are used solely to improve our school campus and enhance our students’ educational opportunities.

They are maintained by professional fund managers specialising in not-for-profit school endowments to ensure their efficient and responsible use. You can also issue instructions on how your bequest must be used. You can use your donation to fund specific bursaries for students who could not otherwise afford to attend BBC or direct it to the College’s Building Fund.

A notable example of a bequest used to improve the College and benefit all our students is the contribution of John Noblet (OC 1942). Upon his passing, John bequeathed a generous sum of money to the College that was then used to assist in the building of College Hall and in the complete remodelling of what was then known as Main Oval. John’s generosity allowed for the draining, irrigation, resurfacing and re-grassing of the oval, which was renamed Noblet Oval in his honour upon its completion.

This is one of the more immediately apparent examples of a bequest that has improved our school and campus, but BBC gratefully accepts any and all contributions of any size. Every donation, no matter how large, contributes vital assistance to our efforts to ensure that our school remains a state-of-the-art home away from home for generations to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the options available to you regarding donations and bequests, please don’t hesitate to contact the BBC Foundation for further information.

The Foundation can work with you to develop a tailored arrangement that helps ensure that every boy that attends the College for the next 120 years enjoys the same range of opportunities that alumni from the last 120 years did.

Contact the BBC Foundation Office by phoning (07) 3309 3572 or emailing

*All donations to Foundation are tax deductible.