Foundation Funds Management

Brisbane Boys’ College appreciates the generosity of its benefactors and is committed to ensuring the sensible use and management of all donated funds.

The BBC Foundation has structured its operations to allow donors to direct where their gift or bequest to the College is applied, guaranteeing its responsible use in the further development of the school.

Donations to the BBC Foundation are completely siloed from the operational accounts of the College. They are used solely as directed by the donor.

In order to ensure the security and longevity of the funds used to provide bursaries, building works and other services, the BBC Foundation works with Koda Capital, an independent, specialist not-for-profit, investment management firm.

Koda’s investment philosophy of ‘protect and grow’ aligns with the Foundation’s mandate of preserving the funds and endowments under its supervision in order to guarantee their effective use. Their work with numerous independent schools and universities has provided them with extensive experience in the handling of school endowments, making them a natural fit for BBC’s student-focused emphasis.